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Kindergarten Testimonials – Canterbury Christian School in Los Altos, CA

Kindergarten Testimonials – Canterbury Christian School in Los Altos

What parents say about Canterbury Kindergarten…

 I cannot say enough good things about our Kindergarten teacher and the program!  I have two boys who went through the K program, and they both loved it so much!  All the kids have smiley faces at pick up time. They had a lot of fun and yet learned a ton. My oldest child was very shy and entered K before turning 5 in October. He had no problem on the 1st day of Kindergarten, and wanted to go back the 2nd day. This was a pleasant surprise given that he struggled with going to his preschool in the morning before. He didn’t know all his letters upon entering in Fall, yet could read by Christmas and write beautiful cursive letters. Buddy time with 6th graders was his favorite. He also loved Bible story time with his teacher. Once he got a “Speedy Bee” award, and when Dad commented about his improvement in concentration, he retorted, “my teacher prayed for me. That’s why I was the fastest today.” My 2nd boy was already a reader upon entering K.  He also enjoyed his teacher and class and learned a lot in K.

The Kindergarten program at CCS is amazing!  The children enter as little preschoolers and soon enough are learning to write their names in cursive. The intensive phonic drills, lessons, and daily reviews have the children reading to the next level by the end of the school year. They are also taught math-counting to 100, number recognition and meaning, and simple addition. What the K teacher accomplishes in 4 hours could not be replicated in a public school setting. The children learn obedience and school discipline coupled with love from a caring teacher. She also incorporates music, cooking, and recitation in the classroom to expose the little ones to much more. Finally, she brings Bible stories and memory verses to life by daily social skills application, and classroom prayers. The K children are assigned 6th grade buddies in the Fall.  Each week, the partners work together on a variety of  projects. The children are so excited to have a buddy. They exchange Christmas and birthday gifts and really grow in affection for one another. I have had two children pass through the Kindergarten class at CCS and have been more than pleased. This is an excellent start for your child’s academic career.

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