Canterbury Christian School – Los Altos, CA

Traditional Christian Education (K-6)


Canterbury Christian School Curricula …
For over thirty years, A Beka Christian Education has furnished Canterbury with outstanding curriculum and textbook materials, setting our pathway of learning on a firm foundation of academic excellence.
The scope-and-sequence of the A Beka curriculum is exceptionally thorough, leaving no holes in the process of learning.

Learning a Christian Worldview at Canterbury

A Beka’s history series is superior to the typical “Social Studies” sequence found in the public schools and rests on a Christian worldview.

Interactive Approach to Grammar

Canterbury Christian School has found the Shurley Grammar series to be remarkably effective through its interactive approach — offering a “fun” element through “rhythm in learning.”

Latina Christiana and Roman History

Roman history, one of the three legs of Western Civilization, is included in the lesson plans of the Latina Christiana series which introduces Christian Latin to Canterbury students beginning in the third grade.
By sixth grade Canterbury students are translating complex Latin paragraphs, including selections from classical Latin literature.  Latin introduced in grade school has proven to be an exceptionally strong contributor to elevated Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores.

Saxon Pre-Algebra in 6th Grade

The Saxon Pre-Algebra class in sixth grade prepares graduating students to take Algebra I in grade seven.