Canterbury Christian School – Los Altos, CA

Traditional Christian Education (K-6)

ART, Physical Education, and Music in a Christian School – Los Altos

Art, Physical Education, and Music at Christian School in Los Altos/Mountain View

Canterbury students enjoy weekly training in drawing skills and hands-on craft making by a professional artist.

Christian School Art Instruction

Grade specific art instruction in pastels (see samples below), chalk, glass fusion, and other mediums of expression is one of the highlights of each and every week!
Glass Fusion Project

Christian School Physical Education

Physical Education (PE) is another high point each week – as students excitedly engage in an array of exercises, team sports training, and fun competition.  All students are encouraged in the general appreciation of sports and the practice of sportsmanship. A host of students each year earn either the Presidential or National Fitness Award.

Christian School Music Instruction

Children are taught to read, sing, and play music at Canterbury Christian School. Class vocal choirs present their music several times a year – including participation in the San Francisco Opera A La Carte’s yearly on-site musical.
Beginning in fourth grade, students participate in hand bell teams which perform for their classmates and parents – and in addition at a local convalescent hospital.  The upper grade bell teams participate in a Bay-wide bell festival each spring!
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