The two primary reasons why parents choose Canterbury? (1) Traditional Christian values and (2) strong, thorough academic training.
Being a Canterbury Christian School parent means that when I drop off my children at school in the morning, I have complete peace of mind they are in the most loving hands and nurturing environment available.   They are in a safe and caring Christian school where each teacher and administrator know them by name – receiving premium academic instruction along with sound character development. You will not have to worry about bad language or bullying since their time is efficiently spent engaged in learning – not “crowd control” -- due to Canterbury’s renowned classroom protocol. 
Classrooms that are ordered and stimulating translate into far less for me to worry over – for example, tutoring after school. It means the acquisition of effective study habits and time management skills – the best preparation and grounding possible for junior high, high school and university studies. By the time they graduate, they are academically advanced, self-controlled, and emotionally mature. They have also learned how to build, maintain, and value long-term relationships across age barriers under the watchful eye of a Christian school that has become an extension of my family.
It means years from now, I’ll look back with the satisfaction and knowledge that I made the best investment possible for my children.
From A Canterbury Parent


That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth…

…that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace (Psalm 144:12).