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What’s the 2nd Best Christmas Gift for Your Canterbury Christian Student/s?

Who enjoys Christmas break from school the most/least? The students or the teachers?

I have been a teacher and a student over the years. From my experience, I can say with confidence that teachers enjoy breaks from school much more than students.

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In addition to Canterbury Christian taking a break for the next couple of weeks, I have also finished my semester of teaching at a university in Oakland. Bring on the break!

What about parents versus children for time off?

I have also been a parent and a student over the years. I have no confidence here. Parents are not always fans of breaks. Especially working parents. The kids are home. Now what? I may be an exception. I simply love when my kid is off school. We always have ‘stuff’ to do. Or we just enjoy sitting around reading or hanging at a coffee shop – reading (her) and working (me).

This is the last Physical Education newsletter I will send before our Christmas break.

What’s on Your Christmas Wish List?

Are you making Christmas wish lists at your house? What’s on that list? The top? The bottom?

We all know what our kids wish for most? More toys. Right? Especially that one toy that’s really hot right now. Right?

I don’t think so. I’ll tell you what I think kids want most. But first I’ll make my recommendation for what I think would make a great 2nd best Christmas present.

2nd Best Christmas Gift for Canterbury Kids

They cost about $59. (No, I don’t get a cut).

Shop around or go directly to Fitbit and get your kid/s a Fitbit Zip. They are the cheapest of the Fitbit family and more than adequate to do the task of keeping track of how active your Canterbury child is. Any steps they get over 5,000 in a day, I can convert to laps, which equals toes! And who doesn’t want more toes?

Once a week, email me their total steps for the week. On Fridays, they’ll see more toes, toes, toes!

Now, for the best Christmas gift you can give your kids is … drumroll, please.

Best Christmas Parent Gift Ever for Canterbury Kids


Kids want parents to spend more time with them. Time when they (the parents) are not stressed or hurried. Time without electronic devices around. Well, except for the Fitbit, maybe. Time to hear stories from when you were little. Time.

One of my favorite gifts at Christmas is a Time Coupon – homemade. My little girl can whip it out and ask for 2, 4, 10 hours or whatever the coupon says. Good news for me – she’s never used one. We spend hours together in the car going to/from Canterbury, at the bookstore or library or the park or the beach …. How about you? Do your children get enough of your time?

Beginning this Christmas you can be sure they do get enough time … and steps, too!

Merry Christmas

Friday Hot Lunch!

We’ll be having sloppy joes made with reindeer, tater tots and worm cookies. Not a typo. Worm NOT warm cookies. Yum!!

That’s what you get when they let dads be in charge of hot lunch.

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