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What Do the Greatest Generation, Gideon, Apostle Paul, Jesus and Canterbury Students Have in Common?

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What do the Greatest Generation, Gideon, Apostle Paul, Jesus and Canterbury Students have in Common?

Greatest Generation Meets Canterbury Christian School Students

My dad was among the Greatest Generation – those who came into adulthood during WWII. He grew up shoeless on a farm in Kentucky and went through his teen years during the Great Depression. He served in the South Pacific during the War and was among many who then quietly came back to rebuild America. There are six Baby Boomer siblings in my family alone!

Not always the best student, I did, however, benefit from some of his hard-earned wisdom. I pass these lessons on to my kids and students.

One lesson: Never ask anyone to do something you yourself won’t do. This lesson has spilled over into my efforts to serve Canterbury Christian Students as their physical education teacher.

When Mrs. Johnson and Father Macias asked me in March of this year if I would lead PE, it was an enthusiastic,“Yes!” on my part, followed by an “Uh Oh. I need to be willing to do whatever I ask of the kids,” I thought. “I simply can’t ask them to do anything I won’t do.”

What would Gideon Say?

Beyond my dad’s advice I remembered the words of Gideon before he led his whittled down another army of 300 soldiers against the Midianites. “Look on me, and do likewise: and … as I do, so shall ye do.” (Judges 7:17)

I am bent on encouraging the Canterbury students to glorify God with their bodies, also.

I realize that not all kids have special skills or the opportunity to learn. However, nearly everyone can walk. Kids and parents alike.

When our kids complete 100 laps or its equivalent they are awarded a toe token. When they complete 100 laps or its equivalent off campus and with a parent and it gets reported to me, they are awarded a toe token.

My shoes are riddled with Toe Tokens. (see image)

Toe Tokens Inspire Students

Toe Tokens Inspire Students

I have been asked by not a few kids, parents and staff at Canterbury, “Did you really earn all those toes?”

What Would Apostle Paul Say?

I remember the apostle Paul’s admonition, “Be ye followers of me, even as I also am of Christ.” 1 Cor 11:1.

A screenshot of my walking in October of this year. (The apostle Paul defends his apostleship 2 Cor 11)

Steps Become Laps Become Toe Tokens

Steps Become Laps Become Toe Tokens

One hundred laps on the Canterbury playground equals about 6 miles. Six miles = one toe token. In October I earned about 55 toe tokens. The reason – I want to be an encouragement and an example to our wonderful students and their parents.

It’s a joy and a challenge for parents and teachers when they realize the kids who have been entrusted to them will grow up to be like them.

One of the very first songs the Canterbury Christian students learned in PE was – “I will make you fishers of men.”

What Would Jesus Say?

Remember the words of Jesus. “Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.” (Mark 1:17)

Come ye after means to follow alongside me, be like, do as I do, walk with me.

Click => 88 activities children can do alongside parents to earn toes <= Click

Going forward parents are asked to be active (walking is fine) when, with or while their children are participating in sports off campus. Report to me via email weekly and I will give them credit for more toes.

PE Teacher Email

PE Teacher Email

Let’s encourage our kids to be like us by showing them how. Let’s show them how to glorify God with their bodies, also… by doing it ourselves. Please join us for PE on Thursdays.

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