Start of school...

Parent Orientation
Parent orientation is scheduled for 10:00am the day after Labor Day (9/2/14) for the Kindergarten and in the evening at 7:00pm for grades 1-6. Parents and children attend for Kindergarten, but parents only for 1st through 6th. It is required that at least one parent attend this important introduction to the new school year. There is no make-up session.

Summer Work Days
In order to maintain our school property in a godly order, two work days have been scheduled before school opens: Saturday, August 16th, and August 23rd, 2014.
No children - please - unless they come ready to help. Sitting/supervision is not provided.

Class Supply List
Each class has a list of supplies needed before the first day of school that will be mailed to you in July.

Uniforms may be purchased at
Appletree Uniforms (1366 South Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale, phone: 408-900-8951, fax: 408-900-8265) and a helpful listing of all Canterbury products accessed through the following link: Appletree Uniforms Store Info.  Appletree Back To School Sale!

Parking Lot Protocol
Please follow the guidelines below regarding parking lot protocol for student delivery and student retrieval.


The procedure for safely delivering students to Canterbury Christian School each day requires that morning drop-off traffic move carefully through the parking lot in a counterclockwise pattern, as shown. Since traffic can back up quickly when the drive-through does not operate smoothly, please plan ahead and leave plenty of extra time at the start of each day! We ask that only kindergarten parents accompany their students to the classroom. This keeps walkways clear for others and permits the safe approach of students to their rooms. If parents do, however, choose to park the car in a parking space upon their arrival, please do not let your child walk through the parking lot unattended; it is your responsibility to deliver your children to the classroom walkways safely. Let all things be done decently and in order (I Corinthians 14:40). 


Thank you for driving carefully while at Canterbury and for parking in designated places only. Your diligence and cooperation on behalf of the safety of everyone at Canterbury is truly appreciated!

A perennial problem at the end of each school day concerns the safety of students and their siblings when parents arrive to retrieve them. It is all too easy for parents to become preoccupied in conversations and to leave their children unattended in the parking lot. To remove any potential for accidents, we ask everyone to observe the following requirements.

1. Please stay outside of the “student release area” (shown in yellow in the diagram above). The “student release area” is a designated zone set aside for student seating until teachers release children to their parents.
2. Parents are to pick up their children at the perimeter of the “student release area” promptly and immediately return to their cars, not stopping to visit with other parents at this very busy time.
3. After each student has been released from his teacher to his parents, he is under their care and supervision – but should still abide by Canterbury rules while on the campus.
4. Preschool age children need to remain in their cars. 
5. Please do not engage the teachers in conversation during dismissal. This distracts them from monitoring the other students and gives the remaining students license to ignore the rules. Please call to make an appointment if a conversation with any of the teachers is required.