Canterbury Christian School – Los Altos, CA

Traditional Christian Education (K-6)

Start of School – Parent Orientation – Kindergarten & Elementary (1-6)

Summer Work Day
In order to maintain our school property in a godly order, a work an all school work day will be held on August 24, 2019.

No children – please – unless they come ready to help. Sitting/supervision is not provided.

Parent Orientation
Parent orientation is scheduled for 10:00 am the day after Labor Day (9/3/19) for the K4 & K5 and in the evening at 7:00 pm for grades 1-5. Parents and children attend for Kindergarten, but parents only for 1st through 5th. It is required that at least one parent attend this important introduction to the new school year. There is no make-up session.

First Day of School
Classes resume on September 4th.

Class Supply List
Each class has a list of supplies needed before the first day of school that will be mailed to you in July.

Uniforms may be purchased at Appletree Uniforms (1366 South Mary Avenue, Sunnyvale, phone: 408-900-8951, fax: 408-900-8265) and a helpful listing of all Canterbury products accessed through the following link: Appletree Uniforms Store Info.  Appletree Back To School Sale!