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Should We Teach Traditional Sports at Canterbury Christian School?

Should We Teach Traditional Sports

at Canterbury Christian School?

I know professional sports.


I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio.

PE Teacher Email
PE Teacher Email

Cincinnati is home to Major League Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds, the oldest professional baseball team – 1876, and all-time hits leader, Pete Rose – 4.256. Can I get a yawn?

Cincinnati is home to National Football League’s Cincinnati Bengals, the team with the most excuses for never winning a championship. They did go to the Superbowl twice … and lost twice. Can I get another yawn?

Cincinnati was home to the National Basketball Association’s Cincinnati Royals. They were no good so they moved to Kansas City. They were no good there either and moved to Sacramento. They are now the Sacramento Kings and still are no good. But Oscar Robertson played for them. He was the only player to ever average a triple double for a season until Russell Westbrook did it for the last two years and is doing it again this year. Can I get a bigger yawn?

Cincinnati is also home to Major League Soccer’s FCCincinnati team. But nobody cares because soccer, er, football is not a real sport. (That’s what we old people think about soccer in Cincinnati.)  Soccer, er, football (we Americans are easily confused) is the most popular sport in the world. How about one last yawn?

Blackboard or Black Top for Canterbury Christian Kids?

Should I sit the children down and draw X’s and O’s on a whiteboard and teach them all the positions in the NFL?  Should I show them how to throw curve or knuckleballs or bean balls? I can also shoot 3-pointers as well as anybody in the NBA. Really. Only my shots NEVER go in. Anybody can kick a ball and run after it. That doesn’t need to be taught. Kick, run, kick, run.

Why am I not inclined to teach the Canterbury Christian School children how to play these sports? I mean, after all they could grow up to become stars and fans all over the world might pay $50 to $120 to buy a jersey with their name on it.  Or $100 – $1800 (no kidding! It’s autographed) for a Tom Brady jersey. Brady is QB for the New England Patriots and has won three league MVP awards, five Super Bowls, and four Super Bowl MVP Awards. He grew up in San Mateo. It’s pretty close to us. Maybe one of our kids, just maybe. Can I get a kneel?

21 Physical Education Lessons and Counting

I have had the good pleasure of leading PE at Canterbury since September of this school year. We have not played the same game twice. This last week was the first time I used something else other than the hula hoop. I did also use a hula hoop as a space pod so the kids could travel around space in the noodle wars.

What have the Canterbury Christian Students learned so far with nothing more than a hula hoop?

Fall Down & Get Back Up
Fall Down & Get Back Up
  1. have fun
  2. laugh -burns more calories than crying
  3. encourage one another
  4. make teams
  5. perform individually
  6. compete
  7. strategize
  8. win graciously
  9. lose regretfully
  10. resolve to do better
  11. fall down
  12. get back up
  13. not to whine
  14. sing from the bottom of their hearts and the soles of their feet
  15. worship God with their bodies
  16. find a way to fit movement into their daily lives
  17. get their parents involved in their activities
  18. Run, jump, sit up, throw, catch, drop, pick up, spin, squat, skip
  19. cooperate
  20. be creative
  21. never ever be bored with life

I can teach them activities that help them learn from the above list (that’s all I could come up with off the top of my head) … or teach them pick six (NFL), pick and roll (NBA) or pick off (MLB).

Tomorrow we will do jump noodle races.

Huh? I am still working out the details in my own mind. Come play AND learn with us.

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