Typical Daily Schedule...
7:30-8:05Study Hall
8:05Classroom doors open
8:20Classes begin
8:30Pledge and patriotic song at the flagpole
9:50-10:10Recess for kindergarten 
10:10-10:30Morning recess for grades 1-2
10:30-10:45Morning recess for grades 3-4
10:45-11:00Morning recess for grades 5-6
11:45Dismissal for kindergarten
11:45-12:05Lunch for grades l-6
12:05-12:25Noon recess for grades 1-6
1:45-2:00Afternoon recess for grades 1-6
3:00Dismissal for grades 1-2
3:10Dismissal for grades 3-4
3:15Dismissal for grades 5-6
3:20-5:30Extended Care