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Parent Testimonials of Canterbury Christian Students

Parent Testimonials of Canterbury Christian Students

5th  Grade Parent

Canterbury Christian School has been and continues to be a fabulous school for our daughters.  The school doesn’t advertise, so the only way to hear about this “best kept secret” is by word of mouth.  Our older daughter attended Canterbury from Kindergarten through sixth grade and graduated extremely well prepared for junior high.  She learned responsibility, respect for authority, self-discipline, time management and a whole lot of content in her seven years there.  The language arts curriculum is strong and Latin is taught beginning in the fourth grade.  By sixth grade, the students are translating complex Latin paragraphs, including selections from classical Latin literature.  Beginning in 3rd grade, the students are in handbell teams and have the opportunity to perform in a handbell festival and at a local convalescent hospital.  PE, art and music are still taught, unlike in many public schools where the ancillary subjects have been eliminated due to budget cuts.  While the class size is limited to 16, many classes have fewer, which allows the students a lot of personal attention from the teachers.  Spelling bees, speech meets, math olympics, and creative writing competitions are annual events at Canterbury.  Another thing I really appreciate about Canterbury is that the students get a lot of opportunity for public speaking through solo and group recitations.  By the time they graduate, they are very comfortable in front of an audience.  The Saxon pre-algebra class in 6th grade prepares the students to take algebra in 7th. Canterbury is a Christian school and therefore a Christian worldview is taught and the curriculum includes Bible passage memorization.  Don’t be put off by the modest look of the buildings because what happens inside the classroom is magical.
–Laura F.   Parent of 5th grader and graduate

4th Grade Parents

We enrolled our boys in Fall 2010 and each day we are so glad they have attended Canterbury Christian School. Not only are the academic standards higher than our Palo Alto neighborhood school, the Principal provides leadership and cares for ALL students. The teachers are very caring, the students are focused on learning and the parents are involved. Over the past several months our boys have grown not only in academic knowledge, but in character, compassion and spirit. My only regret is we didn’t discover this wonderful school years ago.
–Shari D.   Parent of 4th grader and graduate

My two children attended this school for 6 years. They never complained once going to school. They loved to learn and played with their friends. Teachers are so faithful in what God had called them to do. Their love toward students and passion for teaching really touched my heart. The school taught them how to be a good citizen for God and for their community. They instilled important Biblical value into their mind which last for life long. Nothing can compare the education they had at Canterbury!!! Going to Canterbury was the best decision both me and my husband had made for them.
 –Moony C.   Parent of 4th grader and graduates

We chose this school over our Palo Alto neighborhood school and Hoover. We had to pay more and drive longer, but it’s all worth it. Canterbury not only lays a strong academic foundation for our kids, but also helps to sow the seed for faith and hope in God, traditional family values, work ethics, and Godly character. Things you cannot test for but are sure to impact them profoundly now and in the future. When the family value and the school’s are aligned, they’re powerful influences in a child’s life. We have started to reap the benefit even now. The small class sizes enable teachers to devote individual attention for each student. My oldest boy was a very distracted and active child but thanks to the attention from his teachers that he has never been left out but tests well and excels. His K teacher twice stayed an extra hour after school just for him. All teachers are very committed here. The K teacher is especially gifted at teaching that all kids we know love her class and learn a lot at the same time. They would all end with beautiful cursive writing at graduation.
–Charmaine M.   Parent of 1st and 4th graders

For our daughter, we chose Canterbury Christian School over Lincoln Elementary School in Cupertino. And our son (along with us) chose Canterbury Christian School over Argonaut Elementary School in Saratoga.
Our daughter went through the complete K-6 education at Canterbury and graduated from Canterbury in 2011; she smoothly transitioned into Redwood Middle School at Saratoga (that begins with 6th graders) and is doing very well in all subjects (including Algebra I where the grade of this course at Redwood will be included on the official Saratoga High School transcript).
Our son has also been enrolled at Canterbury since kindergarten and is currently in the 4th grade at Canterbury. K-6 education at Canterbury Christian School has multiple unique benefits not available in any public schools and most private schools.
— Olivet C.   Parent of 4th grader and graduate

6th Grade Parents

We came to know Canterbury Christian School through attendance at St. Paul’s Anglican Churchand via a work colleague whose two boys had attended Canterbury. We have never looked back after almost 9 years of involvement with the school, as our daughters have each gone from K through 6. The education received is top-notch, with Pre-Algebra taught in 6th Grade and a very strong Shurley English grammar curriculum. The children also get to study Latin, Bells, Music and Art. In 4th Grade, there is an informative day-trip to Sacramento; in 5th Grade, a 5-day Science camp at Mission Springs; and in 6th Grade, the fantastic ACTS-tour of Washington, D.C. and surrounding area. The teachers do a super job of educating the children to the best of their abilities, as well as teaching them the Christian faith. When the children move on to Junior High School from Canterbury, they are polite, respectful to others and academically strong. Canterbury is a true gem; schools like Canterbury are a rare find these days and I highly recommend it.
–Vanessa H.   Parent of 6th grader and graduates

2nd Grade Parent

My daughter has been there since 1st grade. She is now a second grader. It is so rare to still find school emphasize on traditional values such as character building based on Christian values, others like handwriting and Latin….etc. My daughter has become much more responsible compare to before. Due to the small classroom size, each students were given close attention. My daughter had a temporary hearing problem that the teacher suggested I should get it checked out. Long and behold, she was right and I seeked further medical attention and by God’s grace, she recovered. It appeared that the teachers take their job as a mission. I was overwhelmed with their tallies system at the beginning and I was worried about her self-esteem. It turned out that she felt loved and was encouraged to be better when rules are clear. I was relieved and encouraged. What a hidden precious gem in Los Altos.
–Jessica C.   Parent of 2nd grader

Dear Staff,
Thank you for the lovely appreciation lunch you prepared for us.  The food was delicious and the decorations were beautiful.  Thank you for all the work you put into making the day nice for us!  Thank you, too, for the Be Blessed devotional book, pen, and bag.  What a thoughtful gift!  I have certainly been blessed by you over these past two years!

Dear Administrators and Teachers,

I wanted to write a long-overdue note of appreciation for all the effort that all of you gave to the parent information day and the two open houses that were held this school year, from the organization and planning to the realization of the plans.

At the parent information day, I really enjoyed hearing from Tope Amos.  It was very encouraging to hear her speak about the way her Canterbury education helped her during the rest of her school years and helped shape her character as a young adult and as a doctor.

I like that at Canterbury, students have many opportunities to be in front of others.  During the two open houses, they had singing and bell performances and classroom and chapel recitations. (I especially enjoyed “Paul Revere’s Ride!”)… It is so very valuable that Canterbury students learn to be poised and confident in front of others and that they learn responsibility in doing so.

Sincerely, Mrs. L.

In a recent note the school learned that Joseph Aslan (Canterbury Class of ’97) has finished his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Texas and is now engaged to be married (November 3, 2012).  The note included the following credit:

Thank you for the Canterbury foundation and examples that were placed in Joseph’s younger years. †


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