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My Treasure – Unsolicited Testimony from Former Canterbury Christian Student

 An unsolicited letter from a former Canterbury student to one of her teachers (dated 2012) …

 Dear _______,

I don’t think words could ever express the thanks you deserve as a teacher who has made such a significant impact in the lives of your students.  The education that I received at Canterbury and the memories I have from _____ grade are so dearly treasured even now.  Looking back, I’m so thankful for the loving discipline, the strong academic foundation, the moral lessons, and most importantly, the seed of God’s Word that was planted in my heart.  The more I see of the world, the more I realize how priceless the humble community I come from is.  Through your ministry, I have been blessed in ways that continue to echo through Heaven, and it is my privilege to be ever your student. 

In Christ alone, E.M.

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