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Military Veteran Implements Physical Education Strategy as Rookie Teacher at Canterbury Christian School

All our might and strength

Can a military veteran implement a viable physical education strategy for Canterbury Christian School elementary students as a rookie teacher?

All our might and strength

All our might and strength

Canterbury Christian School’s new physical education adjunct instructor is not new to this world. He is a military veteran (U S Navy) of the Cold War, having served as a communications and intelligence officer for a squadron based in Yokosuka, Japan. While serving aboard the USS KNOX (FF 1052), he also served as the ship’s Physical Education Officer.

US Navy Sailors and Canterbury Christian Students

But Navy sailors are not elementary school children. At least not in physical size and capabilities.

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Though our PE instructor has taught university (graduate and undergraduate level) as well as high school, he is a rookie teacher when it comes to teaching God’s little people. And he knows it.

Christian Physical Education Approach

Still … he has a strategy.

The purpose of physical education:

  • Love God
  • Love Your Neighbor

We love God by strengthening our bodies and giving that strength back to him. Whatever our hands find to do, we do with all our might. We love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength!

We learn the correct way to sit up, push up, stretch, sprint and run in preparation for the annual President’s Physical Fitness Challenge, too.

We love our neighbors by having fun.

We play = run, jump, throw, catch, dance, compete, fall down and get up, plan and strategize with and against one another. We have laughter in our hearts and smiles on our faces all the while we worship God with our bodies.

Veteran and Rookie Experiences

These are the pieces that are veteran brings to his rookie experience.

All of these pieces are wrapped in love and prayer as if these kids were one of his own … which is the case. Mia (5th) is the daughter of our Physical Education adjunct.

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