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Kindergarten with “Children of the World”

Canterbury Christian School introduces kindergartners to community helpers, beginnings of American history, interesting features of countries around the world, and world geography. Children will enjoy writing, coloring, drawing, singing, and completing other fun activities on the countries of the world.

“Children of the World”

Canterbury Kindergarteners learn about the “Children of the World” in 34 lessons. They study the landscape, famous landmarks, historical people, and culture of 12 different countries: Italy, Peru, Kenya, China, Canada, The Bahamas, Mexico, England, The Netherlands, Israel, Japan, & Australia. These five-year-olds also learn to identify the 7 continents, oceans, and these countries on the globe.

Children of the Lord

Academic rigor is complemented by the Social Sciences in our kindergarten curriculum, with elements of Christian Values, Bible, and American patriotism programming woven through each area of instruction. 

“Canterbury has high academic expectations for kindergarten students.”

Kindergarteners begin formal recitation to develop public speaking skills, and teachers use Bible, poetry, music, and reading aloud to promote students’ confidence in front of groups. Canterbury Kindergarteners present in their classroom, to the entire school during chapel, and to parents at special events.

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