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Hurricane Florence Victims Prayed for in PE Class by Canterbury Christian Students

Hurricane Florence victims were the focus of prayer in Physical Education Class at Canterbury Christian School in Los Altos, California.

Children Dance Before the Lord in Prayer

Indeed children can pray with their bodies, much the way David danced before the Lord!

The students at Canterbury Christian had their first physical education class today (9/5) with a rookie teacher yet veteran US Navy man who is also the father of one Canterbury’s 5th grade students, Mia (5th).

After warming up, the students practiced for the President’s Physical Fitness Exam. Then … the, ahem, ‘fun’ began.

Japanese Expressions for Hurricane Activity

The physical education teacher, who had spent nearly 20 years in Japan following his stint in the US Navy taught the kids 3 Japanese words that explain hurricane activity. The purpose being to bring attention to Hurricane Florence victims.

Canterbury Christian Students love their country and fellow citizens. We pray for our leaders and the unborn babies, too!

  • zaa zaa – Japanese expression for heavy rain
  • byuu byuu – strong winds
  • basha basha – swamping of waves over the side of a boat

The students marched around the track adding powerful motions to these strong words, knowing that we are all at the mercy of the Lord of Creation.

How to Pray for those in the Wake of a Hurricane

We pray:

  • the people on the east coast will be safe.
  • the people on the east coast will put themselves in the hands of our Creator.
  • the Creator of the Universe will hear our prayers as we dance before Him.

Love the Lord your God with all your strength, too. Start in physical education class at Canterbury Christian.

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