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How to Choose a Physical Education Teacher at Canterbury Christian Los Altos

Greetings from the Dots!

(Newsletter from our Phys Ed Teacher – Mr. Belew)

The Dots are where Canterbury kids start out each Thursday afternoon for Physical Education Classes. The dots can be found around the corner from the 4th grade classroom.

We’ve had a month of PE classes in this 2018-19 school year.  I thought to restart a tradition – sending regular PE newsletters to inform parents about what is going on in class each week.

3 Things to start:

  1. Who is the old guy leading PE?
  2. Why him, er, me?
  3. What’s the 2018-19 PE plan?

   1. Who is the old guy leading PE?

    First of all, I am NOT Coach Mike. Mike teaches chess, is better looking than I, and carries around heavier objects than I do. Maybe he should teach PE and I teach chess? 😎

Physical Ed and Chess Coach

Physical Ed and Chess Coach

    My wife, Samantha (is not old. She is very young) and I, have a little girl, Mia, who is in her 6th year at Canterbury.

I am an ordained minister in Ohio and work as a part-time pastor for Asian-American churches in the Bay Area.

I spent:

  • 20+ years growing up and attending Bible College in the Midwest
  • 20+ years in the US Navy and working as a missionary in Japan
  • almost 20 years in California.

   2. Why him, er, me?

    Before Barbara Johnson left, she and Father Steve conspired to ask me if I would consider leading PE for the kids at Canterbury.

I’ll take every opportunity I can to be with the kids, one in particular, at Canterbury – volunteering to lead hot lunch,, work in the library, drive for field trips, lead PE.

    Of course! I’d love to give it a try!

was my quick response to Mrs. Johnson and Father Steve.

   I had never taught PE to kids before this year.

I have, however, taught in the past:

  • graduate school curriculum design to future teachers in Buffalo, NY
  • MBA classes at a school in San Jose
  • online and in-person universities
  • jr. college in Texas
  • high school in Japan
  • in Russia and China.
  • I am now teaching Western Civilization and English composition at a university in Oakland.

   My number 2 son went to a Division I university on an athletic scholarship (swimming) and was national champion in junior college. He’s now finishing his PhD at UMASS Med. Can you say scholar athlete?

I have completed a full distance Ironman Triathlon in Japan, run over 100 miles in one day (yes, one day), ridden my bicycle across the entire country of Japan and organized 10 walk-a-thons (100km/day) to raise more than $100K for missions in Asia. I lost 25 lbs over this past summer in hopes of keeping up with our young people. They really have a lot of energy!  

      3. What’s the 2018-19 PE plan?

    My PE philosophy is a simple one. God wants us to “love him with ALL our hearts, souls, minds and STRENGTH.” I teach the kids – the stronger we are physically, the more we love God.

    We stretch, sit-up, push-up and run in preparation for the year-end physical fitness test. No more ‘gimmes.’ I teach the kids proper form. The kids will truly earn the awards they qualify for.

    We sing action songs. Think King David who danced before the Lord. I teach the kids – we bring happiness to God (a gift from us to our Creator) when we sing, jump, swing, squat, twist, turn and lift our voices, arms, bodies and legs to HIM.

     And we have fun. Our games also help prepare the kids for the President’s Physical Fitness test … usually.  

Please continue to read the Canterbury Blog on Fridays to learn what we did the previous day.   

Christian School Physical Education Goal:

    Canterbury Kids will go stronger, love God more with their bodies AND have fun.

My Promise:

   I promise to treat your kids as if they were my own. After all, one of them is my own. I will offer them respect and discipline. We will also laugh loudly and at times fall hard. But we will get back up and keep going.


    I welcome any and all parents to join us for class any time. Make an appointment so we don’t overwhelm the kids is best or just drop in and we’ll make do.

More newsletters and details to follow in future weeks … but not as long as this one. Whew!

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