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How Far Will Kids Run in a Physical Education Class at Canterbury Christian?

How Far will kids run in a physical education class at Canterbury Christian?

Walking Right Into an Answer

I did not set out to learn the answer to this question. I just kind of, ahem, walked right into the answer.

The Greatest Commandment of God

The Greatest Commandment of God

When Mrs. Johnson asked me if I would consider teaching Physical Education at Canterbury, it occurred to me that I should get in shape other than round.

I have a lot of experience teaching – high school, junior college, 2nd language students, university and graduate school. I also led daily physical exercise for the entire ship (200+ sailors) when I was a junior officer on a Frigate in Japan.

You Can Learn Anything on YouTube … almost

I don’t know how many hours of YouTube (PE for elementary school students) I watched this past summer. Old that I am, there is mid-life and late-life spread. Still, I lost 25+ lbs over the summer to get ready for PE.  I figured I wouldn’t ask the kids to do anything I myself couldn’t.

In the process of losing weight I was given a pedometer. I know how far any number of steps will take me. With that in mind I can calculate how far the students will travel during a PE class.

Interested? Read on.

Math or Physical Education Class?

I average about 2,000 steps per mile I walk.

In today’s PE class we danced, sang, stretched, ran, and hula hopped. I just happened to check my pedometer before classes began. Three classes later and I had walked just over 8,000 steps! = 4 miles!

It really was a PE class, not a math class. But Canterbury math classes are top notch.

Four miles divided by three classes – 1.3 miles/class. While half the class did sit ups (40) and push ups (25) and stretching, the other half ran abt .75 of a mile.

Total miles run, hopped and danced = about 2 miles during a 45 minute class.

Too Tired or Not Tired Enough?

Are your kids tired after PE on Thursdays? Too tired? Not tired enough?

I welcome your feedback. Better yet … join us.

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