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Traditional Christian Education (K-6)

Education Goals of Canterbury Christian School Teachers K – 6

Education Goals of Canterbury Christian School Teachers K – 6

 Canterbury’s Kindergarten Teacher
Our kindergarten program is a balance of high-level academics, a loving yet structured and organized classroom, fun, enriching activities, and a nurturing, age-appropriate environment for spiritual development and growth.  Our phonics program has proven to be highly effective, giving students a clear understanding of reading basics, and enabling them to be successful, capable readers before first grade.  A highlight of our program is certainly cursive handwriting. In many ways it is easier than printing, essentially eliminating letter reversals.  The children really enjoy it and take pride in their beautiful penmanship.  Art and music are incorporated in each day’s lessons.  A mentoring program where each child develops a special friendship with a sixth grade “buddy” is a favorite activity each week.

Canterbury’s First Grade Teacher

First grade builds upon the solid foundation of kindergarten in arithmetic and phonics and consolidates reading skills. Students also begin the study of grammar and composition. Our small class size not only gives opportunity for each student to receive individual academic help but also means each child receives individual assistance in learning responsibility, self-discipline, and a personal faith in God. 

 Canterbury’s Second Grade Teacher

I am motivated and dedicated to prepare second grade students for leadership in godly character and academic knowledge. This is accomplished through Christ-centered curricula and our daily interaction in the classroom as well as outside the classroom. I have over 27 years of experience teaching a culturally diverse population of children ages 3-16 both in the United States and in Asia.  This is my thirteenth year teaching second grade.  It is obvious this is my favorite age group!  To me teaching is a passion, not just a job.  It is a calling, not just a profession.  It is fulfilling and it is most satisfying!

Canterbury’s Third Grade Teacher

Third grade is a transitional year starting as a younger student and growing into one of the older ones on campus.  Accountability is expected for all responsibilities, self-control in behavior, initiative and perseverance in school work, and kindness and selflessness with classmates.  Arithmetic basics cover oral and written speed work, multiplication table memorization through 12×12, two-digit multiplication problems, division work to 5-step problems, story (word) problems, measurements, fractions, algebra, and geometry.  Science includes the worlds of plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, the desert, ocean, forest, and the weather. Added to that are 70 health class lessons.  History studies the lives of 22 great America-builders from the 1400’s – 1900’s, map work, and states and capitals. Language is a deep, extensive grammar study with expository writing, creative writing, poems, chapter reports, and whole book reports.  Reading class now focuses on “reading to learn” and completes four books of short stories and three “chapter books.”  Pilgrim’s Progress is enjoyed for the Bible study class. At the end of the year, a student is well prepared to tackle the next school year as a fourth grader.

Canterbury’s Fourth Grade Teacher

Fourth grade represents  a big step up in the flow of learning at Canterbury Christian School. Our fourth graders learn to become confident and self-reliant workers in every subject. They are also encouraged to discover their uniqueness as they engage in and express themselves through a variety of hands-on learning such as plays, oral presentations, musical instruments, and other group activities. Most importantly, character building remains the primary focus in training my students for their future callings.

Canterbury’s Fifth Grade Teachers

lt is critical that fifth grade students be grounded academically, emotionally, and spiritually to become productive and successful. The fifth grade at Canterbury offers the ideal environment to develop these three important areas. First, students grow academically because the curriculum is designed to build a strong foundation in math and English arts giving students the tools to easily move into higher math and be able to function at a mature level with reading and writing skills. History and science are taught in light of God’s creation and plan for man as ideas unfold with order and wonder. Students spend an unforgettable week at Mission Springs Outdoor Education experiencing God’s creation first hand. ln the classroom, learning is fun and interactive through games and projects. Secondly, 5th graders are challenged to mature emotionally through opportunities to demonstrate responsibility, leadership, compassion, and Christ-like character. Activities in the classroom, interactions on the playground, and adjunct classes provide platforms for students to promote good citizenship and practice the Golden Rule. Finally, 5th grade students become equipped spiritually through the Canterbury traditions of teaching from a Biblical Christian worldview, weekly Bible lessons, Chapels and Scripture memorization. Throughout the year, we study Moses, Joshua and the Children of lsrael, learning about obeying God and doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. These teaching tools are invaluable and effective in molding the hearts and minds of students who will face worldly vices, peer pressure, and make critical life choices in the years ahead. Overall, when a Canterbury student waves good-bye to fifth grade at the end of the school year they can move ahead confidently knowing they have grown academically, spiritually, and emotionally and are ready for the next educational step God has waiting for them.

 Canterbury’s Sixth Grade Teacher

Each sixth grader is challenged on a middle school level. He learns abstract concepts solving pre algebra problems and composition skills compiling both a poetry and prose notebook throughout the year. The highlight of the year is the sixth grade trip to Washington, D.C., the Gettysburg battlefield, Jamestown, and Williamsburg.  Throughout the year, the students learn the importance of each site to the foundation and freedoms of our great country.  They also develop leadership skills by serving Canterbury and their fellow students regularly throughout the year.

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