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Chimebells and Canterbury Christian Bell Team Start New School Year

Fourth Grade – Chimebells

Dear Fourth Grade Parents, 

Chimebells is an introductory level handbell ensemble class which will give your child a wonderful experience making music. Handbells are a beautiful way to learn music, coordination, and concentration skills, teamwork and performance skills. The Fourth grade class will be a 40 minute session on Tuesday mornings, and they will perform about once a month. All Chimebells performances are during school hours.

Canterbury Christian Chimebells

Canterbury Christian Chimebells

Fifth & Sixth Grade – Canterbury Bell Team

Dear Fifth and Sixth Grade Parents, 

I am pleased to have your student in the Canterbury Bell Team. The class is a performance-oriented learning opportunity where students develop their music reading, coordination, concentration skills, performance skills, teamwork skills and individual responsibility. Plus it’s fun!

Because it is a performing ensemble, with no practice outside of class time, it necessary to have all students in each bell rehearsal, and it is essential on performance days. I ask that you avoid any absences on Tuesdays from 11:15 to 12:10 for Fifth grade and 12:25 to 1:25 for Sixth graders, although I realize illness happens. If you have a trip planned that will take a student out of a performance, it is critical that I be informed as soon as possible, to either reschedule the performance, reassign bells if possible, or cancel.

Please keep the fall schedule handy. It will be out next week. The Bay Area School Handbell Festival in Hayward will be Thursday, March 28th, 2019, and we hope several parents can drive.


Mrs. Ruder

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