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Canterbury Christian Students Sure Bet Against NFL Players in Stand vs Kneel

Canterbury Christian Students vs NFL Player

Canterbury Christian Students’ approach is a sure bet to win against NFL Players in the stand vs kneel non-debate.

Christian School Children Know How to Show Love for Their Country

The elementary students at Canterbury Christian School in Los Altos, California – where I teach and where my 5th grader Mia attends know better than the, ahem, so called professional ball players of the NFL.

Each morning the Canterbury students STAND with hands over hearts to pledge their allegiance to the flag of our country. In chapel they KNEEL to pray for the leaders of our country (ALL of them) as well as for the unborn babies.

Canterbury Christian Students vs NFL Player

Canterbury Christian Students vs NFL Players

When the Bible says that “a little child shall lead them” it was just this sort of situation that may have been in the mind of the prophet. Though, I seriously doubt Isaiah had NFL players in mind – I could be wrong.

Did Isaiah Know about the NFL Players Foolishness?

Our children have enough sense to know when to stand and when to kneel.

Why can’t million-dollar cry babies figure this out?

Of course, there is a time to protest and a time to not.

Wise old King Solomon speaks – Ecc 3:7b

” … a time to be silent and a time to speak …”

My bet is on Canterbury Christian Students to know when is the right time vs listening to those who have an inflated sense of self-importance and influence.

Christian Schools Teach Correct Values

Canterbury Christian School is a great place for kids to learn correct values.

Oh … in the picture … the little girl that is closest to the viewer, that’s my Mia. Hand over heart, loving her country and hoping we adults and God will, too.

This is my (Bill Belew, PE Teacher) opinion in the NFL players non-issue of “to stand or not to stand, kneel or not to kneel” nonsense.

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