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Canterbury Christian School Students Chase Monsters from Swamp in Physical Education

Canterbury Christian School students chased monsters from a swamp in physical education class today. Or, was it the swamp monster who chased them?

Swamp Monster in Physical Education Class

You had to be there to find out. And even then you might not know.

Swamp Monster is a pile of balls in the middle of a field. The students surround the monster who stands in the middle of the balls. The students try to steal as many balls, different sizes, from the swamp before getting tagged. The monster tries to protect his/her swamp.

Strategy of Sacrifice

The kids learn to build a strategy of sacrifice. A student can give themselves up while other students swipe balls. Or they can run around like crazy and hope for the best.

Of course – there is a lot of stretching, running, ugly face making and grunting that happens before the game.

Dancing with David’s Great-great …. Grandfather, Abraham

And dancing, too. David danced. We danced to a song named after David’s great-great-great-great …. grandfather, Abraham. Father Abraham Had 7 Sons. Father Macias joined us … well sort of. Ask him what happened.

What Makes a Good Physical Education Class

The kids love to play, laugh and compete. If they can do those things while also growing strong and keeping their minds on the Creator of the universe, then a physical education class is spot on.

That’s what I aim for.

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