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Canterbury Christian Parents Are Invited to Participate in Mileage Challenge, Too

Twiddling Thumbs Equals Laps

Canterbury Christian Parents Are Invited to Participate in Mileage Challenge, Too

World's Fastest Jumping Jack

World’s Fastest Jumping Jack

Wife Says to Husband

My wife told me a while back, “You need to get in shape.”

“Round is a shape,” I told her. She was not amused. Nor should she be. We don’t want to be, nor should we be round. We most certainly don’t want our kids to be round either. Do not misunderstand, please. Body shape is not the only indicator of health.

Physical Education Priority – Move

One of my priorities this year in PE class is show the kids how to make being fit and active and having fun a part of their lives. Exercise is not just something we do on Thursdays. The Bible says we are to “discipline our bodies and make them our slaves.” Our bodies are given to us to use to glorify God … with ALL our strength. Not just some of our strength.

To that end, the kids are being asked to voluntarily participate in a walking program. No skill needed other than to be able to put each foot in front of the other in turn. Not at the same time! That would be a hopping program

The kids run/walk laps as part of PE class each Thursday. Walking and running are fundamental. They also prepare the students for the Presidential Fitness Test in April of next year.

Additionally – each day after lunch the kids are encouraged to walk laps during lunch recess. We are recording the number of laps and when the kids reach 100 laps (abt 6 miles), they are awarded with Toe Tokens! And who doesn’t need more toes? Right?

Parents Are Invited to Encourage Their Children

Parents are invited, too!! You can encourage your kids in several ways:

  1. Be in shape, too – other than round that is.
  2. Join us for PE class on any Thursday and walk/run with your kids.
  3. Join your kids at lunch time for 15 minutes to do some laps.
  4. After school, in the evenings, on weekends parents are encouraged to get out and walk with their children, too! Keep track of the distance and let me know. (Email me weekly on Thursdays @ pe @ canterburycs.org). I will convert the distance to laps and add them to your kid’s totals.

The total distance your kids complete with you goes towards their total at school in PE class and during lunch recess.

How Parents Can Help

Twiddling Thumbs Equals Laps

Twiddling Thumbs Equals Laps

Do your kids swim? Walk the dog? Chase squirrels? Or do some other athletic activity? Record and report it to meet weekly (Email me weekly on Thursdays @ pe @ canterburycs.org and I will convert it to laps and more toe tokens for your kids.

Do your kids knit or read Star Wars comics or watch My Little Pony reruns? They’ll get no laps for that.

In all honesty, I am not sure where all this is going. But I know where I want it to go.

We Glorify God with Our Bodies

I want our children – remember, I have one involved, too – Mia (5th) – to make fitness, moving, activity, joy part of their lives … for life. I want them to glorify God with their bodies.

The best way for me to make that happen is to show them myself … AND … to get you, parents involved.

Get out … get going … walk, run, bike, swim, hike with your kids and let’s see just how fit they and you can become … for life! All glory to God!


  1. Nathaniel Hunt -112
  2. Mia Belew – 105
  3. Andrew Wong – 103
  4. Samuel Ma – 101
  5. Isaiah Landuis – 85

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