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Ancient Chinese Wisdom, Modern Science Meet Canterbury Christian Traditions in Physical Education

Toe Tokens Motivate Canterbury Christian Students

Ancient Chinese wisdom and modern science are meeting Canterbury Christian traditions in Physical Education.

When Traditions Meet History

Canterbury Christian school has long traditions. The school was started in 1974.

The Chinese have longer traditions. The Middle Kingdom began to form some 5,000 years ago – around the time of the dispersion after the Tower of Babel.

Modern Science discoveries seem to be announced daily.

When History, Science and Tradition Meet

What might happen if the ancient wisdom of the Chinese met the traditions of Canterbury Christian school? And modern science confirmed the ancient wisdom?

Toe Tokens Motivate Canterbury Christian Students

Toe Tokens Motivate Canterbury Christian Students

Adding to Canterbury Christian School Strength

Canterbury Christian School’s strengths have long been:

  • academic rigor
  • exposing the students to God’s Word from a young age and incorporating the Bible’s teaching into their lives – building the youngsters up spiritually

Canterbury Christian School wants our children to be physically strong, too.

Why Children Should Be Strong Physically

When children are physically strong:

  • their academic performance and readiness improves.
  • they spend less time arguing, getting feelings hurt and getting into playground accidents
  • they are less likely to have weight problems
  • they will be more physically active when they are adults
  • they become less sickly and miss school less often
  • they have more strength to love God with

In addition to our weekly PE classes, Canterbury School is introducing a walking/running program for our kids and their parents who would also like to participate.

How to Motivate Kids to Be Strong

The kids will continue to run laps during PE. But there’s more.

Here is where the ancient Chinese wisdom comes in. The Chinese have a saying –

飯後百步走,活到九十九 (fan hou bai bu zou, huo dao jiu shi jiu). It rhymes!

Meaning is – walk/run 100 steps after a meal and you will live to be 99.

Walk/Run/Exercise Program for Canterbury Kids and Parents

The Canterbury Christian children are now being encouraged to walk or run laps during lunchtime recess each day. The campus aides and I (the PE teacher) will keep a log of laps run at lunch time and in PE class and will record laps/miles accumulated.

Did you know our kids ran a combined 94.5 miles last week in PE?

When kids reach milestones in their lap counts and distances, they will be awarded Toe Tokens that they can wear on their shoes or attach to their backpacks with a feeling of accomplishment. We will have year-end awards and perhaps quarterly awards, too!

We also want to invite parents to participate along with their children. Exercise in the evening that kids do with their parents also counts!

Sign Up Sheet Is On It’s Way

I will have a signup sheet and reporting mechanism. What better way to motivate our kids to become and stay healthy than for their parents to join them?

What Modern Science Says about Walking to Become/Stay Fit

Walking After Eating vs Before Eating – Research Study at university in VA. https://wil.by/CanterburyPE

3 short 15-min walks vs 1 long 45-min walk during the day – Research study by ADA


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