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Alumni Testimonial

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My favorite stories to tell from my childhood are the ones from when I attended elementary school at Canterbury Christian School, half because I’m amazed by how that experience shaped me into who I am today. I’m the first to say that I was one of the more difficult children in my class, and as a result I have many stories to tell about the discipline techniques that Canterbury has in place. Even more so, I am living proof that it works wonders. Back then, I was a head-strong child full of life and curiosity, and I can honestly say that the most important things I know I learned from Canterbury.

One of the many lessons, and probably the most important, is the integration of God in my academics. From an early age I learned that learning about God and about the world is practically synonymous. Even now, it’s easy for me to see that I perform better in my academics when I focus on God. Of course, it’s a lesson taught by many high-school youth groups, but it is easier for me to see now because of how well Canterbury placed God in the midst of our curriculum. And in placing God at the center, Canterbury’s curriculum is also one about achieving excellence. I took a lot of pride in sharing with my friends what we would learn in classes, which were almost always more advanced and more in depth that what they were learning.
Today, I study as a freshman at MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and while it may seem like a wild claim to say that it was because of Canterbury that I’m here, I can say truthfully that God used those experiences in my mind as a child, the seeds that were planted by Canterbury, and used them to shape who I am towards His glory.
“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” – Proverbs 22:6
–Tobi, Freshman at MIT

 I am so grateful that my parents enrolled me in Canterbury Christian School when I was younger. I have learned so much during the few years I was there and will never forget the memorable experiences I had as a Canterbury student. Even now, 9 years after I graduated from Canterbury, I still think about the fun times I had while I was there and how much I miss being there. Canterbury has taught me not only academics, but also discipline and character as well. I can honestly say that if it were not for Canterbury, I would not be who I am today. Thank you Canterbury!!
 — Ashley, San Jose State University Graduate

I’m so glad I went to Canterbury. It helped me build a solid foundation in study skill habits, which I took with me to middle school, high school, and college. I still use them today. It was also a small community where I was able to grow and learn. All of the teachers were very helpful and wanted their students to succeed. Because of the small community Canterbury offered, I was able to build a lot of lasting relationships with people; I still keep in touch with the majority of my Canterbury classmates!
— Cheryl

My mom and dad signed up my younger brother for Canterbury. I had been at a [Palo Alto] public school, but as soon as I saw Canterbury, I wanted to go there even though it would only be for sixth grade. It was a big change going from public to private school. At first, it was very difficult for me. It was very demanding compared to what I was used to. But after a few months, I got everything down and it didn’t seem as hard. I enjoyed the extra help from my 6th grade teacher. She was patient and understanding and made sure that we understood the new concepts. Now that I’ve moved to middle school, I’m very grateful for how well Canterbury prepared me academically and spiritually.
 –Joseph, 7th grader at King’s Academy

I like Canterbury because I can express my opinion. Canterbury family and teachers make you feel like you are part of a family.
–Clarissa, 7th grader
Canterbury provided a very solid foundation for my daughter. She is the top of the class at her school.
— Judy, Clarissa’s Mom

1.  I was very satisfied with Canterbury.  It was a safe, but fun environment with loving teachers always ready to help.
2.  I felt very prepared for middle school academically, especially in language arts.
3.  6th grade was my favorite part of being at Canterbury.  Mrs. Crouch was such an awesome teacher who always made learning fun.  I also really enjoyed the Washington D.C. trip.
4.  I think that one of the main strengths at Canterbury is the small classes and how well you get to know your teachers and class. Also grammar, handwriting, moral lessons from the chapel.
–From a middle school child

When I flashback to my days at Canterbury, I immediately remember the uniforms, the peaceful lunches, morning chapel, reciting the pledge of allegiance and the school motto, and many other distinctive rituals at Canterbury.
Some of my favorite teachers of my whole life were from Canterbury. I still remember the hugs I’d get from Mr. Milbank, our endearing principal at the time. Recess times were so much fun; my favorite activity to play was tetherball. The small class size allowed for deeper interaction with my peers and a close relationship with my teacher: two components of an elementary education that are very hard to find these days.
Yet, Canterbury is a unique school where they can administer discipline yet show so much love. Now as I look back as a sophomore at a prestigious university, I appreciate the somehow paradoxical phrase of the loving discipline that Canterbury offers all of its students. They knew I needed it and having that order so early in my life has been with me throughout my whole academic career. I was focused in my studies and grounded in my self-worth: two qualities that have helped me so well even after nine years since my graduation.
Overall, as a Canterbury alum, I am proud that I went to this school.
–Tayo, Sophomore at Stanford University

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