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Financial Information

At Canterbury Christian School, you’ll find a quality education provided by quality, caring teachers.

Tuition and Fees for the 2018-2019 School Year

Canterbury is a non-profit organization which receives neither federal funding nor endowments from other organizations.  The school is financed by tuition (not tax-deductible) and any contributions (tax-deductible) that may be received.


Kindergarten   $275 per child
1st-6th                $350 per child


Kindergarten    $660 (10 monthly payments)
1st-6th                 $770 (10 monthly payments)

Book Fees

Kindergarten    $135 per child
1st-2nd                $270 per child
3rd-6th                $300 per child

God’s World Newsletter

K-6th                  $12 per child

Buildings & Grounds

$60 per family


Thank you for your interest in Canterbury Christian School